Welcome to The JMS Stylebook!

The JMS Stylebook is the home for Janet Marie Studios‘ content on personal styling and our tools to make use of it.

Get Your Personal Stylebook and Make the Most of Our Site

It’s an open invitation: no charge and whether you plan to shop with us or not. Get your own JMS Stylebook, create your personal style profile with our guidance, and get a stylist’s review video to help you get going.

The JMS Stylebook Personal Styling Content

Janet Marie Studios is a combination women’s apparel and accessories boutique and a personal styling studio located in Fort Myers, FL, and owned and operated by Judy Starnes.

Personal styling is the heart of what we do, and this site is our effort to share what we know about it and empower you to make use of it.

The JMS Stylebook Messaging Portal

Our automated messaging portal allows us to serve you. It’s automated and gives your messages a place where we can access them and message you back.

Add the The JMS Stylebook to your phone’s contacts:

Also of Interest

Visit us on our JMS Facebook Page, where we post most frequently, and on our Pinterest Page, where Judy pins . . . a lot.

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