Day 11: Red With a Denim Twist!

Today I wore The Lady in Red . . . And a Little Brown!, but with a Twist: A Denim Jacket!

For the next few days of my project I’m working through the outfits I’ve already styled, giving them simple updates by switching outer pieces and accessories.

Here I changed the whole tenor of the outfit by putting a fitted denim jacket over my LRD (little red dress!) The fun thing is, since the jacket is fitted and good quality it’s like a suit jacket for my business creative outfit!

Go take a look: It’s The Lady in Red . . . And a Little Brown!

Day 10: Variations on a Theme!

I took a Labor Day posting hiatus, and now I’m back!

I’m picking up with Day 10, and today (Tuesday) I’m wearing a variation of Denim and Denim and Pearls.

With this one I begin to inject variety into my outfits by switching-out outer pieces and accessories.  That’s the benefit of having well styled outfits, and that’s what I do here.

IMG_1061I also switch the matching denim-on-denim trend for another trend: the high waistline.

On the right is picture from W that inspired me to try out the high waistline look with today’s outfit.

I made it happen with a fitted white blouse, which has beautiful detailing, tucked into a black skirt.  You can see it in the picture below.

Click on it to go see in my stylebook what I wore today: a variation on Denim and Denim and Pearls!

Day 9: The Book on Double-Ruffle Trouble

It’s Day 9 of my 30 Day Wardrobe Project, and today I wore Double-Ruffle Trouble!

I also filled in it’s entry in my stylebook by describing the fashion and personal style dimensions of the outfit, adding to the flattery and lifestyle dimensions already there.

As mentioned earlier looking at those four dimensions exposes the style inherent in any outfit, which is why I will complete it for all 15 outfits I’m creating via my wardrobe project.

As a stylist, it always amazes me just how much can be said about a good outfit.  Even trying to be brief I wrote over 1100 words on this one!  Don’t worry, you can get the gist of the thing by skimming it, but diving in will let you see why a good outfit is good:  There’s a lot of there there!

I guess you could say I wrote the book on my Double-Ruffle Trouble outfit!

You can check it out in my style book – just click the pictures below.


Day 8: Old Fashion No-No Is New Style Trend

It’s Day 8 and I’m wearing Denim and Denim and Pearls! from my stylebook.

IMG_3754For a long time, doing something like denim-on-denim has been a no-no: too matchy.  But, the pendulum has begun its swing the other way and clever matching is one of the new things.

If you’re clever when you do it, is it ever really out of style?  Know the rules, then break them . . .

Regardless, the way I’m playing the trend with my new outfit?  Denim-on-denim.  Here’s a page I pulled from InStyle talking about just that.  I don’t do it head-to-toe, but with a bit more subtle jeans jacket over a jeans vest.

It’s all over an interesting mix of pearls, a knit stripe tank, and a flared black skirt.  It’s all in the mix!

Take a look at today’s outfit in my style book:  Denim and Denim and Pearls.

Today’s Outfit: A Little Bit of Red

Here’s what I’m wearing now: Color Me Red: Because I Like It! A hit of bold color never hurt anyone!

It’s day seven of my 30 day wardrobe project, and today I continue my march through the seven outfits I’ve already styled.

I wrote up what’s behind this outfit when it comes to my lifestyle and personal style. My base wardrobe is now taking shape, and soon I’ll be able to take you through a high-level tour of what I have so far and what I should look to add in my remaining eight outfits.

But for now, here’s Color Me Red: Because I Like It! Just click to go give it a look in my stylebook.

Today’s Outfit: Casual In The Mix

Days Six and Seven: Here’s what I wore this weekend: My Casual – A Little Bling!

How awesome is it to have an outfit make you look wonderful when you’re just going to throw something on!

Most people think of styling as mostly for special occasions: It’s not true!

As a stylist, I want to encourage everyone that it’s for every time you get dressed – especially casual. I try to use styling smarts to make my casual outfits score not only on looks, but also on ease and comfort. That way there’s no reason not to reach for those outfits when you just want to pull something on.

In my next update I need to go back and fill in days four and five. I’ll re-wear those outfits in the beginning of the week so I can share them with you.

So, again, here’s what I wore this weekend: My Casual – A Little Bling!

Click to go check it out in my stylebook.

Today’s Outfit: Keep Spelling it Out!

Day 2: Here’s what I wore today from my Stylebook: Classic Navy Tank Dress, De-Simplified.

I continue to build out the style specific information on each of the seven outfits currently in my stylebook.

Remember, you can get a fundamental sense of the style in any outfit by evaluating it in the following four areas:

  1. Fashion
  2. Flattery
  3. Lifestyle
  4. Personal Style

And that’s just what I do for today’s outfit.  Here I tackle it’s flattery and lifestyle as it relates to me.  Take a look at Classic Navy Tank Dress, De-Simplified in my stylebook.